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 I am a free lance artist, cartoonist, artist and caricature artist currently living Burlington Ontario.
I started my art career working in animation studios in the early 90's before it all went digital. I left partially due to lack of digital experience at that time, but also because I just didn't want to work for an animation company. I preferred to just work from home on my own thing, and eventually learned some digital skills such as Photoshop.

I discovered drawing caricatures in the late 90's and since then I have worked on and off at locations such as beach resorts, theme parks and festivals.   

I also do caricatures for parties and events as well as customized caricatures from home. 

If you wish to hire me for customized caricatures,  please refer to my services page. (During the pandemic I will not be doing any live events. All work will be done from home.)


This website is under construction and still has a lot of updating to do. For further information, please feel free to email me at...

[email protected]